'Nduja Spicy Salami - 900gr

'Nduja Spicy Salami - 900gr
This famous spreadable salami comes straight from the town ofSpilingawhere the product originated hundreds of years ago. It has been made by a small local producer following traditional methods passed from generations to generations as to produce only the authentic ‘Nduja.

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Ingredients: Pork meat, spices, chillies. 

Net weight: 00gr

Packaged weight: 1Kg


What is 'Nduja?

Nduja of Spilinga is a spredable cured meat or salami made with pork meat, salt, herbs and the famous Calabrian chilli making it quite a spicy cured meat.  It was born as a humble ingredient prepared by farmers in order to use the remaining parts of the pig.

The name ‘Nduja comes from the French word “andouille” that means sausage.  The original providence of this humble ingredient comes from the town of Vibo Valentia in the South East of Calabria, but nowadays is produced throughout the region.

The origins on how this product came about are still not very clear. According to some historians it was introduced by the Spanish in the 1500s and made using their traditional paprika, but as its name come from the French word “andouille” it reminds of a French sausage that could have been imported to Italy in Napoleon times around the years 1806-1815. Is believed that Gioacchino Murat Vicerè from Naples and Napoleon’s brother-in-law ordered the free distribution of a cured meat very similar to what we know now as 'Nduja.


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How to keep and store 'Nduja

1. Keep it wrapped in its own skin


2. Wrap in cling film


3. Do not freeze


4. Don’t worry if it gets hard


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How to recognised good quality 'Nduja

Nduja has an intense red colour when cut. If it has a pale red then is not good quality.

When cut it should have a strong yet pleasant smell of spices and chilli.

Meat pieces, herbs and chilli should be minced together quite well.

This will sound obvious but if you a buy an entire piece than it should have the name and address of the producer, and this should be from Calabria.

Try to buy the fresh ‘Nduja rather than the jarred one. When packed in jars the product is mixed with a lot of olive oil leaving it with a very loose consistency and a mild flavour sometimes even flavourless in comparison to what it should be.

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